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 What is it?

"French-African Voices, make your voice heard" is a digital consultation proposed by the French-African Foundation to allow African and French youth to express themselves on their expectations, their concerns but also on what, in their opinion, should constitute priorities for action.

Expectations and Aspirations of the Next Generation, Challenges of today and tomorrow in your country or Global Issues and Resilience are the themes where everyone is invited to respond.

Why this consultation?

The models of society in which we live are shaken and questioned. The various economic, political and societal crises are only the symptoms of a world in need of renewal. This is why French-African Voices wants to be the way by which new proposals, ideas and recommendations emerge.

Who is "French-African Voices" for?

Convinced that the answers to today's and tomorrow's challenges can come from all African and French youth, the digital consultation "French-African Voices" is aimed at all these young generations wherever they are, so that they too can become agents of change.

"French-African Voices", what next?

"Make your voice heard" is more than a statement! The results of this consultation will be summarized and made public and will be brought to the attention of political and economic decision-makers and academics.

Until September 10, 2021, to make your voice heard, click here

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