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The call for application is closed.



In 2017, the AfricaFrance Foundation, co-chaired by Bruno Mettling and Lionel Zinsou, initiated the first Young Leaders Africa-France program, in partnership with the Agence Française de Développement. This first promotion brought together 20 young leaders selected from 569 files from 43 countries. They were welcomed by economic, political, media and cultural leaders for 5 days in France and 5 days in Ivory Coast and Kenya. Those Young Leaders have the desire to enroll this program in the long term through the creation of a dedicated associative structure, the French-African Foundation



In the face of economic, social and climatic upheavals, the world must be able to rely on a new generation of individuals who excel in their respective fields.

The African continent must be able to count on a new generation committed, determined, visionary leaders who every day will win victories against prejudice.

The young Franco-African generation retains valuable links, which they can put at the service of this common world.

To support these bridges, this capacity for exceptional innovation and this profusion of useful initiatives for the economic and social development of the continent and the rest of the world, it is essential to dedicate time, means, men and women, ready to advise, support, finance, this succession, country by country, sector by sector.

Every year, a Young Leaders promotion from Africa and France will meet to train, discover and communicate. Every year, this club of high potentials will grow.

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  • Deconstruct prejudices, fight against stereotypes between Africa and France, and between regions of the continent


  • Contribute to a better mutual understanding


  • Raise awareness of our world in common: a single generation, facing common challenges, and carrying shared responsibilities

Identify, meet,
  • Detect the highest potential African and French talents by their commitments, skills and their know-how

  • Create a community of pan-African leaders within continent and with France


  • Create and sustain trusted long-term relationships

Support, follow,
  • Convey: shared visions, experiences, beliefs, expectations and convictions, between young leaders, companies, personalities and mentors


  • Rethink existing models: dialogue, alert, reform, invent, innovate, to build a shared destiny

  • Implement: initiatives, projects

Every year, the French-African Foundation brings together a group of Young Leaders who play an important role in Franco-African relations, based on a public call for applications and a selection process by a dedicated jury. The selected candidates will participate in two week-long seminars, alternately in France and on the African continent.
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